Trunk-o-ween is back for 2021!

Please join your neighbors for some trick-or-treating fun at the High Valley Park on Sunday, October 31st at 4:30-5:30. Neighbors are invited to pass out candy from their cars and/or lawn chairs along the road by the park. Feel free to decorate your car, play spooky music, and be creative.

Candy givers, please park alongside the road next to the park in one direction-there will be a lead vehicle already parked, just park behind. A line will start forming-just pull up in line behind each other.

Families arriving with trick-or-treaters, please park closer to the intersection of 202nd Pl/SE 200th Ave or 202nd Pl and SE 127th St.

Trick-or-treaters are asked to only visit cars one time each to allow for enough candy for all of the kids. After 5:15 trick-or-treaters may take a second trip around if there is still candy available.

This year there will be a photo booth again for everyone to get their pictures taken. Thank you to Rick Edelman for providing this to the neighborhood.

Masks are recommended for all participants.

We are excited to see everyone for this fun neighborhood event. We know it will be spooktacular!

High Valley Social Committee


Important update about Trunkoween. Change of Parking Plans: Due to a concern brought up, the traffic flow set up for trick-or-treating will be modified. There is an attached diagram for parking. No vehicles will be parked in the middle of the road. Parking: Candy giver vehicles will park on the side of the road all facing Southeast towards SE 127th. If you are in a vehicle arriving with trick-or-treaters, please park closer to either the intersection of 202nd Pl/SE 200th Ave or 202nd Pl and SE 127th St. Peggy Phillips will be parking her blue Subaru at the front to set the example. Please park facing the same way. Be sure to allow some distance between your car and the one in front of you. Trick-or-Treaters: Trick-or-treaters will walk in the normal flow of traffic starting from the same area as SE 123rd. Please, only one time around for the kids to be sure that enough candy goes around for the kids to enjoy. Candy Givers: Please make sure that only one person from your family is giving out the treats. Kids cannot help themselves. Trick or Treaters and their attending family members must wear a mask, whether it be a part of a costume or not. Candy givers should also be wearing masks. As far as giving out candy, it’s up to you. Some ideas would be using tongs to put in bags, or have some kind of makeshift shoot? I know we have creative folks in this wonderful neighborhood. Photobooth: There will be a flow of trick-or-treater traffic going to and from the tennis court to the photo booth. Be sure to get your family photo! Times Upper loop starts at 4:30 and lower loop starts at 5:00, October 31st! Happy Halloween, Neighbors! Enjoy and have fun in this safe, socially distanced event.


Hello all! We are doing Trunkoween this year! It will look a little different, given the current situation, but our aim is to provide the same level of fun while keeping everyone safe. For the candy givers, please enter the park area a little bit before 4:30pm from the intersection of SE 123rd St and 202nd Pl SE, all facing the same direction (front of cars will be facing SE 127th and 202nd Pl SE) in the middle of the road. Please plan on being the one to distribute the candy, whether it be with a set of tongs with gloved hands, or even with just gloved hands, whatever makes you comfortable. Please space your vehicles out to allow some distance between cars, in case someone needs to leave. For candy eaters: Flow of travel will be one way, clockwise. Since the candy givers are in middle of street, please try to park closer to the two intersections mentioned in this message so we can allow the candy givers to be in position. Even if you are not in costume, please wear a mask and allow at least 6 feet between you and the family in front of you. We will have two trick or treating times. If you are in the upper loop above Lot #’s 48 and 89 (around hair pin turn), please plan on trick or treating from 4:30pm to 5pm. Please be considerate and leave some candy for your friends who will be in the second rotation. If you are in lower loop below lot #’s 48 and 89, please show up from 5 to 5:30pm. All participants need to plan on wearing a mask please. This will be a no contact event as far as the distribution of goodies. Unfortunately, we are not able to allow walk-ins or min haunted houses. We will also have Rick Edelman taking pictures of folks in the sport court. There will be two canopies, one for Rick to take the pictures, and the other one for folks who would like to have a picture taken-I have a Halloween backdrop for your enjoyment. We will have a line of people (and monitors to help with flow ) for you to stand in. Please allow at least 6 feet between you and the family in front of you. I know this sounds perfect in theory and I realize that this is a lot, but this is unprecedented and we are trying to keep everyone safe and still have a great time. If you are interested in helping, please reach out to me. We can still make this fun! Please show us all how creative you are and decorate your car trunks if you wish. Without all of you, these events would not be possible.